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  • There is no integration or automation between the various tools. Many scripts and automations could be adapted with minimal effort.
  • There is currently no interface for creating user accounts (for Forums participation, for instance). Since we're using open standards and protocols such as OpenLDAP for user authentication, installing such a system would require little effort.
  • Some components of the forge, such as the Project Dashboards and download statistics, are and would need to be commoditized.

Creating a new project

User Accounts and Groups

  • Using an SSH client, log into the server with the assigned administrative account, and become the root user
  • Using the 'yast' utility > Security and Users, enter User and Group Management and supply the administrative password for the LDAP server
  • Using the Groups tab, create a group for the project
  • Using the Users tab, create user accounts for the project committers, and in the Details page, place the accounts in the group created above, as well as in the other access groups as appropriate (Bugzilla, Wiki, etc)
  • Hit OK and exit the Yast utility


  • Log into Bugzilla with an administrative account
  • Navigate to Administration/Products, add a new product
  • In the product page, define components, versions and milestones

Code repository

  • Choose either CVS, SVN or Git as the code repository SCM tool
  • At the SSH shell, as the root user, create a new repository in either /cvsroot, /svnroot or /gitroot
    • For git, the following commands are used: git init --bare --shared projecta.git
    • Change the file ownership and permissions to allow only the project committers write access: chown committera.projecta projecta.git/ -R;


  • At the SSH shell, as the root user, create a new directory for the project: cd /home/httpd/downloads/; mkdir projectA; chown committera.projecta projectA; chmod 2775 projectA
  • Confirm that the project's downloads area is available at
  • Using the committer account and an SCP utility such as WinSCP, upload files in the downloads area. Do not do this as root.

Hudson CI

  • Log into the Hudson CI instance and create a new job for the project.


  • Log into the forums as the administrative account
  • Navigate to the admin control panel > Categories and Forums > Edit forums
  • Add a new forum for the project

Mailing lists

  • Use the Mailman Admin interface for managing mailing lists: Users can then subscribe to the mailing lists using the list's info page.

Help documentation

  • An Eclipse infocenter is running at
  • To add documentation plugins, upload them to /home/httpd/help/eclipse/dropins/. Make sure they are accessible by the Apache web user. Restart Eclipse (as the Apache web user -- not as root!)